William Shakespeare is viewed today as the quintessential English writer who has continued to influence art, poetry, philosophy and even science for over four centuries. His graphic imagery of Venice, Padua and Verona carefully braided with poignant tragic wreckages of real life circumstances, shrewdly infused with the ancient Kabbalah and transcendent Platonism was nothing short of genius. That is, if he ever put pen to paper! These chronicles reveal documentary evidence to confirm who really penned the Shakespearean canon. For centuries these works have been accoladed as the very basis of English literature, yet the author might not have been English at all! Amidst the mischief, mayhem and murder, these chronicles answer all the questions, including one of the greatest discoveries of all time - who owned the finest collection of Venetian, Italian and Byzantinian jewellery in the world - The Cheapside Hoard.

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