This book is the result of fourteen years research scrutinizing thousands of historical documents. Dr Matthews reveals never before seen facts regarding the earliest quartos and the first folio – even new research into the leather cover of the Bodleian first folio and how that particular copy came into the possession of the Turbutt family.

Dr Matthews has forensically dated the majority of the Shakespearean plays twenty years before earlier scholars, such as Rowe, Malone and Chambers – some plays dated as early as 1561, 1559 and 1558 – up to six years before William Shakespeare was born. Dr Matthews’ exemplary philosophical dissertation of the Shakespearean works and its critics, reveals much about the identity of the real authors.

A unique reference work essential to Shakespearean scholars and students alike – this crucial work redates the Shakespearean works, scrutinizes each candidate, and definitively answers the authorship debate.

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